7 Best Unique Places to Eat Street Food in Pune

Best Unique Places to Eat Street Food in Pune 

7 Best Unique Places to Eat Street Food in Pune

Pune is the place to live if you want to have an enjoining, rushing life. The city never stops, and neither do the people. Food is their favorite reason to keep looking for new places.   

The street culture from Delhi has rapid spread and Pune is nailing it. You will find Spicy, tangy, delicious street foods in every nook and corner of the lanes. 

A few years ago, some small street food restaurants in Pune started small street food. And they’ve made incredible progress, over the years. Transforming from stalls to little shops. These are the places you need to look out for on your trip to Pune, we are here to help you!

7 Best Unique Places to Eat Street Food in Pune 

Good luck Café:

The place opens at 7 am. You can’t believe it, this café is full of people all day long. For generations, people of Pune are taking time out from their busy schedules to visit this place.

The food served is hygienic and a definite win-win for the pocket. This place is a favorite place of many stars as it is in the vicinity of the Film Institute.  It used to be a favorite spot of many stars like Dev Anand.

Your must-try is the chicken ra-ra and the delicious keema pav.  Hussain Ali Archie established Good luck Café in 1935.  It is one of the oldest places in Pune.

2. Sujata Mastani:


You might like to consider skipping your meal if you’re heading to have a Mastani here. Wondering what a Mastani is? It is a delicious blend of milk and ice cream with other mouth-watering garnishes.>

The Pune’s a special Mastani comes loaded with dry fruits and Saffron. You can taste a variety of flavors. And Delicious drinks made using nuts, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate, saffron, and more.

One glass of this inviting drink will make you feel so full that you won’t be eating anything anytime soon. The place established some 50 years ago has outgrown itself over so many years.

It has many branches in the ‘entire’ city and some more are opening up soon, so hurry up! Find the one nearest to your locality

3. Kayani Bakery:

Everybody wants to take a souvenir of the place they visit. What can be better than something delicious to take while going back home. 

The bakery is so loved by people that you won’t ever find this place non-crowded. Their fresh-made cakes are a die-for!

The tiny shop opens around 3 or 4 in the evening. You can’t believe it, this café is full of people till the shutter goes down. You cannot miss eating the Shrew berry biscuits and Mawa cake during your trip to Pune.

The baked goods vanish as soon as the shop opens, people take twenty to thirty cakes in one go. Ask the locals, and they’ll tell you the craze of this place in Pune. A paradise for those with a sweet tooth.

4. Marz-O-Rin:

Ask every local guy, and he’ll tell you his story of Marz-O-Rin. The place is a household name in the city of Pune.

With a serving of delicious coffee, Macaroni, cheese, and a Chicken Sandwich. The place that’s been the host to generations of school and college students.

Marz-O-Rin is on the main road of Mahatma Gandhi Road, so you will find it very easy.

The place is calm with pretty interiors speaking of the old glorious time of the city. The quantity is huge, and the price is cheap. You cannot miss this historical eatery of Pune when you’re in the city.

5. Vaishali:

You can recognize this place with a huge crowd outside it, somewhere on FC Road. Furthermore, you see an overcrowded place on the road, and you know that this is it.

Vaishali is the famous SPDP center! The Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, with love named SPDP by the people coming in here, is on a large scale known throughout the city.   Everything that they serve here, is top-class.

Morning packages to the toothsome Sabudana Vada with the extraordinary coconut chutney. They offer here is of the highest quality. Who can make even the chutney so delicious that you end up licking your fingers? Only Vaishali dosa is so rich in butter and spice that you can’t cover your saliva.

6. Vohuman:

The long-established Iranian café transforms anyone into a morning person. Take a stroll down the empty lanes in the early morning. The fresh air chills your body and brain. Reach Vohuman café on Sassoon Road and find yourself a place in this all-time crowded eatery. Though, Vohuman’s is a natural favorite for breakfasts in Pune. The fried eggs are delicious and so is the special egg bhurji with the right amount of spices mixed. The cheese omelets are something you cannot find anywhere else. It is hands-down the best that there can be! The “I” plate is tasteful and is best fitted to try with their in-house soft and juicy buns. Even the simple Chai is nothing less than special here. Though Vohuman café is a name to live up to, it has been doing that for years now. A must-have on every foodie’s bucket list.

7. German bakery;

The German bakery in the Koregaon Park area of the city.  The German bakery has made its place huge, lavish bungalows and velvety green trees.

Easy to spot people of Pune visiting this place with their gang of friends to have a cherished time. It is pretty casual to find someone sitting with a book in hand. It is very informal to find someone enjoying their delicious muffins.

You can sit here for hours chatting and having quality time with nobody to bother you. The mint tea and red velvet muffins are a huge hit. Takes your time out during your visit to Pune. To enjoy the peace and serenity with delicacies on your plate.

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