7 Accurate Unique best steps to make money on YouTube

7 Accurate Unique best steps to make money on YouTube

7 Accurate Unique best steps to make money on YouTube

Welcome back to my blog “Week of wonder”. Every day, the world watches one billion
hours of YouTube videos.
Today we will discuss making money on YouTube.
How to make money on YouTube by searching.
Most of our search titles are on a YouTube platform.
So, if you are much interested in making money on YouTube, now is a great time to get
started. Experts suggest creating a website to host your videos to be home to your brand.
And then share your content on YouTube. Not only will this expand your reach, but it
will also help you make money from your fans.
In this article, we will discuss the 7 most effective ways to monetize your YouTube
YouTube Monetization basics
Before we dive into the best ways to make money on YouTube. We wanted to cover some
information about how YouTube works? And some information about how YouTube
works? Some overarching tactics that will be relevant to which monetization method you
To get started on YouTube, you will need to create a channel to host your videos.
Uploading video content will not automatic make you money, yet. So, be sure that
YouTube enables monetization of your settings. And as you are configuring your account.
This will give you the possibility of making money from your YouTube videos down the
line. At that point, you can decide which monetization tactics to work with.
Another important item to note is that you can make money from your YouTube channel.
Special is that, even without millions of members. One of the best ways to do that is by
understanding your audience. And then targeting them with relevant content. Try to step
into the shoes of your subscribers, or who you want to follow you in the future.
Once you have a strong understanding of your audience. Your next goal should be
engagement. Think deep about what type of content. They would be much interested in,
what would be most useful to them. And how you can prompt viewers to click, comment,
or subscribe.
Only then can you create videos. That is sure to succeed with one of the following
monetization methods.
How to make money on
Become a YouTube Partner
Sell merchandise
Uses fun funding
License to the media
Create sponsored content
Become an affiliate marketer

7 steps to make money on YouTube:

1. Become a YouTube Partner:
Once you start our YouTube channel. You can join the YouTube partner program to get
access. To special monetization features. Including the ability to serve ads, display
merchandise, and more.
While joining is completely optional. It does give you access to a variety of channels for
making money. Including Premium subscription fees and a merchandise shelf.
Here’s how to become a YouTube Partner.
Step 1: Stay compliant with the guidelines
when you first apply to the partner program. YouTube will review your channel for
compliance. For this reason, you should get acquainted with the platform’s monetization
policies. And every time you upload a YouTube video. Make sure your content is must
have advertised according to the rules.
Your content will be under continual review even as you grow your channel and start to
make money from it. If you do get accepted as a partner, keep tabs on the latest
compliance policies to make sure you’re up-to-date.

Step 2: To meet the YouTube partner program requirements.
To join the program, you will need to become a successful YouTuber. The criteria for
joining as of 2022, or that. Your channel has reached 4000 watch hours and 1000
subscribers within the past 12 months. Only once you have met or surpassed these
numbers, can you apply to become a YouTube Partner.

Step 3: Apply to join the program.
Provide you meet the necessary requirements, you can submit an
application to join the program following these steps:
Go to the top right of the YouTube homepage, click your account icon, and
select creator studio.
On the left-hand side, click channel. Then, select Status and Features.
Under the box that says monetization, click enable.
Agree to the YouTube partner programs terms.

Step 4: Set up AdSense :
As part of the application process. You will need to set up an AdSense account associated
with your profile to ensure
you will earn money from your videos and get paid. Keep in mind that you can only have
one such account. And that many channels can be, must have linked to the same account.
Step 5: Get reviewed
once you have applied to be a YouTube partner program. And set up an AdSense account,
and your channel will be must put in a queue for review. At this point, are you full
complying with both the automated system and the human guidelines? Will check your
channel for this.

Step 6: explore your monetization options.
If you accept by YPP, congratulations! It’s time to set up your ad preference and enable
You can choose from a wide range of YouTube monetization options. But keep in mind
that they each have different eligibility requirements.
A. Advertising revenue:
Earn money by including display, overlay, or video ads next to your content. To do this,
you must be at least 18 years old or have a legal guardian who agrees to handle your
payments. Your content must also meet the advertiser-friend content guidelines.
B.. Channel memberships:
Offer special perks to Channel members who make recurring monthly payments. This
requires that you are at least 18 years old and have more than 30,000 subscribers.
C. Merchandise Shelf:
Showcase official branded merchandise on your watch pages. For your fans to browse
and buy. For this option, you must be at least 18 years old and have more than 10,000
D. Super chat and super stickers:
Make money from fans who pay to get their messages highlighted in the chat stream. You
must at least 18 years old and live in a country where Super Chat is available.
2. sell merchandise
Another way to make money on YouTube is by selling merchandise. You can offer
products you are already selling on other platforms. Or you can create a new collection
based on your channel’s content. Keep in mind that you are far more likely to make sales
if your videos already have a fan following. So focus on building your popularity before
you start producing such products.
3. Crowdfund:
Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money from many people. Whether it’s friends,
family, or third parties interested in your project. This is a viable option for making
money on YouTube if you’re looking for monthly revenue. Or a one-time donation to
jumpstart your efforts.
4. Use fan Funding.
Another option for making money on YouTube is fan funding. While crowdfunding
platforms target a general crowd for donations. And fan funding, specific sources of
funds from your audience.
5. License to the media
Most content doesn’t go viral. When it does, yet, many news outlets want copies so that
they can replay it to their audience. In this case, you can make money by licensing it to
the media and charging them a license fee for permission to use it.
6. Create Sponsored content
If your channel gains traction. You can become an influence and make money on
YouTube with sponsored content. Once you can have a large and engaged following, you
may be able to profit by endorsing branded products.
7. Become an affiliate marketer
Another option is to sponsor products and brands with affiliate marketing. As an affiliate
marketer, you will get a special link to a company website that tracks back to your page.
When people buy from the company using that link, you’ll get commissions from the
Since the brand pays you only when you make sales. Rather than paying you to simple
recommend your brand-you doesn’t need a large fan base to get started.
How much money can you make on YouTube?
Now that you know how to make money on YouTube. You are probably wondering
whether you can earn enough for it to be a full-time job. These stats provide some
insights into how much YouTubers make:
Google pays 68% of its AdSense revenue to the video creator. That means that for every
$100 an advertiser pays, Google will pay you $68.
YouTube Advertisers pay an average of $0.18 per view of their ads.
This means a YouTube channel can receive $3-5 per 1000 video views, on average.


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