7 Best Unique Food Trucks in Pune that offer delicious food

7 Best Unique Food Trucks in Pune that offer delicious food

7 Best Unique Food Trucks in Pune that offer delicious food

Hello all, welcome to my Blog. “Week of wonder”. We are happy to bring about
some interesting food trucks in Pune Serving Delicious Food, so must we go!  7 Best Unique Food Trucks in Pune that offer delicious food.

1. Boston Food Truck:
This is an Italian-inspired food truck. It serves the best Boston cuisine in town along
with its super thin-crust pizza. These authentic yet wholesome meals on a food truck
have an array of Italian goodness. They have a wide menu serving Mexican,
American, Lebanese, and Italian cuisine. And is not limited to the good Boston but
also hot dogs and cheesy fries which is its specialty.
Location: Near Alpha Hospital, Datta Mandir Chowk, Wakad.
Cost for two: INR 300

2. The Cheese Truck:
The ultimate pleasure is a triple-layer sandwich with a mysterious secret ingredient.
That Triple-layer sandwich pulled the crowds of Pune to this heavenly place. You’ve
got cheesy pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches. Pizza, Momos, and the sweet tooth
Nutella cake are awesome and tasty.
Location: In and around Vimanagar, look out for the big yellow and red van.
Cost for two: INR 250

3. Henny’s Gourmet:
Wow, this is amazing! This is the feeling of people, when people eat nuts, caramel,
and bananas, in their pure Belgian waffles. Choose your own toppings with
whipped cream and devour this happiness on a plate. There will be a crowd and
their timings are a bit erratic, but it’s definitely worth the wait for a burger in
Location: Right after Salunke Vihar Society in Wanowrie.
Cost for two: INR 300

4. Burgertron:
This humble food truck is currently found near the SRPF ground at Wanowrie.
Very convenient for the college crowd and the multicultural residents there. You’ve
definitely got burgers here, but hey, you have to be careful about your choice. Here
you will find options to enjoy Mexican and seafood dishes. Such as prawns, squid,
and crab burgers with spicy Piri-Piri fries. You will definitely let out a very satisfied.
Location: Varies
Cost for two: INR 300

5. Breaking bread:
With raging reviews, breaking bread is the ultimate carbs lovers’ delight. The
super-compact menu with mouth-watering baked bread with charcoal-filled chicken
is very tasty. The veggie bean patties give all vegetarians and non-vegetarians a
happy, delicious feeling. Their menu changes by season, so you always get a variety
of foods.
Location: ITI Road, opp Crossword, Aundh.
Cost for two: INR 300

6. J W Marriott food truck:
If you’re feeling exceptional fancy and don’t want to pull away from your roots of
street-side food. You can enjoy gluttony at the J W Marriott food truck. A global
fusion of classic American food with a wholesome mix of amazing food. You’ve got
chicken doughnut Stella, which is everyone’s top pick. You should definitely try
their mushroom-loaded fries and garlic tikka burgers.
Location: Right outside J W Marriott, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune
Cost for two: INR 800

7. The Mexican Rodeo
Mexican Rodeo is a food truck parked in Kalyani Nagar. As the name suggests, they
serve delicious Mexican food. The burrito bowl at this place is awesome. They make
the perfect blend of spicy and spicy flavors, essential to any Mexican dish.
Location: Behind Bishop’s School, Next to Polka Dots, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Cost for two: INR 500


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7 Best Unique Places To Eat Street Food In Pune

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